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Why Book Highly Professional Cleaning Service for Your Carpet?

Most of us spend a lot of time for the daily cleaning of our house. But, what we mostly neglect is cleaning the carpet which attracts most dust particles and germs which come along with our shoes. At times we walk on the carpets with shoes or directly walk-in from the washroom which leaves unattended germs on the surface of the carpet. What makes it even worst is having a child at home. Children are vulnerable to germs and bacteria. You would be surprised to know that indoor dust creates allergies more often than outdoor pollution. So, while performing a daily morning cleaning routine at home, we think we are restoring a safe environment for our loved ones at home, but what we don’t know is that it is one of the most infectious atmospheres where they are more vulnerable to germs and bacteria.

Only professional carpet cleaning services can provide rewarding results for your carpet. Opt for Chem Dry Los Gatos service or anywhere near you. Bay Area Carpet Solution is present with its expert carpet cleaning service at your locality in Canada. They use modern machinery and equipment for servicing as well as their workforce is immensely trained for all types of carpet cleaning solution. Get yourself a professional team of carpet cleaner who will take care of your valuable carpet and restore its original texture, color, and beauty as before.

This is what Bay Area Carpet Solution has to offer in their professional carpet cleaning service:

  • No harmful chemical-Bay Area Carpet Solution takes good care of your loved ones as is refrains the use of harmful chemicals. It keeps the carpet soft and helps to restore its original color and texture while it goes soft on your skin. This is a great solution especially for those with kids at home.

  • Same day service-While you are looking for a professional Chem Dry Santa Clara service or at other locations in Canada, Bay Area Carpet Solution is your best match. Their expert technicians are highly efficient at their job and complete their task within the shortest time without compromising on the quality of work done.

  • Budget-friendly solution-What makes Bay Area Carpet Solution the best carpet cleaning company in the area is its budget-friendly price. They offer their expert service at a reasonable rate which is appreciated by their clients.

Get a free consultation over the phone why you discuss your carpet problem with the experts. With regular cleaning routine, opt for professional carpet cleaning in intervals to keep your house quirky clean and a safe place to breathe.



How to Keep Your Carpet In Shape Between Cleanings?

Carpets need ChemDry San Jose professional cleaning every six months to a year on average. Also, if your carpet looks good from outside doesn’t mean it is perfectly neat and clean. Hence, it is very necessary to maintain your carpet between cleanings, so it keeps that dirt- free look and feel.

Today, in this article, we are going to discuss the ways to keep Your Carpet In Shape Between Cleanings. Let’s dig in!

  1. Keep Up with Stain Protection
  2. Vacuum Regularly

Let us discuss the terms in details:

  1. Keep Up with Stain Protection: One of the biggest problems with carpet cleaning people face is to make sure that stains are gone permanently. It can be challenging to remove the stain if it sticks in the carpet. Immediately take action if you want to keep your carpets well- maintained. Grab the stain remover and quickly remove the spills, pop, or something else lying on the floor. Why so? It’s because as the longer it sits, the more time it has to soak deeper and deeper into the carpet fibers. Once it takes hold, it can be even more challenging to remove. Plus, you’ll have a stain in your carpet until you call the carpet solution.
  2. Vacuum Regularly:When your carpet is clean, you want to keep it clean all long. But obviously, it will need some maintenance in order to do so. You need to vacuum your carpet regularly because of this way, the dirt and other items don’t settle into the carpet base. You should vacuum your carpets or rugs once a week at least in order to remove out dirt, pet hair and more. It makes your carpet look clean, makes the yearly carpet cleaning more comfortable and more productive. Awesome, isn’t it?

In addition to this, you can even go for carpet cleaning powder and let it settle in overnight before vacuuming it out finally.

These were the ways to keep your carpet in shape between cleanings.

Hence, if you suspect musty odor/ mold in your home, then you will need to call a professional Chem Dry Mountain View as soon as possible. For further information, visit our website now! Contact carpet cleaning service using at (408) 640-6444 or right away! We are always there to help you out!

Advantages of Chem Dry

Everyone what’s their house to look good and clean. The carpet comes with so many problems and diseases if not cleaned properly. It’s very important to clean the carpet at least once a week. Chem-Dry delivers safer, and deeper cleaning which leaves behind a cleaner, drier, and healthier environment. There are many advantages of Chem-Dry cleaning of carpet some are mentioned below:

Power of Carbonation:

  • To clean the carpet deeply Chem Dry Newark carpet cleaning services uses the natural cleaning process by using carbonation to release the grime and the left-over dirt. So that all the harmful bacteria are clean from the last layer of the carpet. So that the carpet is clean for a long time and the family is safe from the harmful disease.
  • The way club soda removes stain from the shirt in that way the use of carbonation into a very good quality of the carpet and even upholstery cleaning process.
  • The process of Chemdry Santa Clara comes with natural CO2 to produce millions of effervescent bubbles, which is tiny in size that helps in pushing all the dirt to the surface of extraction.
  • In this process, the carpet can dry faster as compared to another process. This means there is less risk of harmful bacteria growing in the inner level of the carpet. This process is very safe and will help the old carpet to look brand new.

The Natural: 

  • One of the biggest secrets in this process is the millions of microscopic carbonating cleaning bubbles which help in cleaning the carpet from inside just not from outside.
  • This helps in penetrating deep inside the carpet which helps in cleaning out all the grime and dirt off for the fiber’s surface and this helps from easy from the extract.
  • The bubbles which are produced during the process of Chem-Dry, after this there is no use of extra water or soapy chemical. Which is mainly used by another process of cleaning carpet.

This process uses 80% less water as compared to another process of carpet cleaning. In this way, the carpet can dry in just 1 or 2 hours as compared to another process which takes at least 1 to 2 days. This means there is no carpet shrinkage as it can dry faster. This process even helps in keeping bring a nice smell.

This process helps in removing almost 99% of dirt and harmful bacteria from the carpet and can make the carpet look brand new. The color of the carpet will look as fresh as the new one.

Choose Chem dry Santa Clara with Bay Area Carpet Solution and get best outcomes.


Genuine Tips For Preserving The Life Of Your Carpet After Professional Clean

We adore carpets for their colors and patterns but maintaining them is quite a daunting task. Carpet cleaning can be fussy and devastating in case of children and pets are in your home. The carpet is a favorite playground for bacteria, molds, mites, and much more. We are not exaggerating, but the fact is your carpet is a place where most bacteria, pollen, dust, debris breeds. Though carpet contributes towards the aesthetic appearance of your site, it requires time and effort in cleaning and maintaining it. If not managed properly can ruin the beautiful looks, and before you know it, you have to drain your pockets to buy a new carpet. You can save your hard earned money with The Carpet Solution’s Chem-Dry Santa Clara professional carpet cleaning services.

You can’t hire professionals frequently for cleaning the carpet as it would cost you a ton. You have to maintain a clean carpet following a few precautionary steps once you have done with professional services. Follow the steps, and you would find a transformation change in your carpet.


Vacuum Regularly

Regular vacuuming ensures that there is no dust build-up on your carpet, if it is presentable for a long time, it can ruin your carpet and welcome allergens inside the fiber. Cleaning the rug should be one of the top priorities in your to-do-list; you should carry out this task twice or thrice a week.

Avoid Walking

Refrain walking on wet carpet. Let the carpet dry up completely, whether you clean a small spill or you get a professional Chem-Dry Los Gatos cleaning. Wet carpets are prone to catch up more dirt, mud rather than dry ones.

Take off your shoes

Children follow the unusual trend pattern of walking with shoes on carpet. Even the cleanest shoes may spill the dirt present in it on the carpet. The high heel silhouette can contribute towards leaving dirt and leaving a substantial mark on the area. Wear clean socks will keep your carpet free from dust.

Clean the spills right away

Make a rule of cleaning up stains immediately. If something is spilled then clean before your carpet sucks deep inside. If the stain remains for longer, they become stubborn and couldn’t be removed easily.

Prevention is better than cure. It is crucial to follow these tips to avoid pollutants or other contaminations breeding on your carpet frequently.

If you need good and affordable carpet cleaning services, get in touch with professionals at The Carpet Solutions to get best outcomes.

Chem Dry Hayward,

Benefits of Chem Dry Carpet Cleaning Hayward

Many people call professional experts for the carpet cleaning services. Chem Dry Los Gatos technicians come, we all have to prepare ourselves, our home, our belongings, our children as well as the beloved pets. By doing so, your chemicals will help dry technicians to do the job correctly and quickly. This piece of blog intends to give you complete information about the necessary preparation for a chemical dry carpet cleaning.

Undoubtedly, area rugs add beauty, warmth, and character to your home. But we cannot deny that they can exploit dirt and debris. I know, vacuuming can remove surface-level dirt, but what about odor, stains, which are deeply embedded in the soil.

Today, we are going to discuss the benefits of hiring a professional to clean up your area.

Professionals have access to high-quality products, which ensure that your area has any kind of rugs and they get personal cleanliness which they deserve. Professional area rug cleaner also has other properties, such as:

  • Proper training
  • Advanced specialization
  • Quality cleaning products
  • Tools and equipment that use advanced technologies

This should be the first step for the owner of each property. Home or office, it is very important to destroy all the necessary things. Therefore, make sure that you remove all clutter, toys, old shoes, socks, or anything else that has accumulated in your premises, which can come in the middle of the carpet cleaning process. Well, every credible Chem Dry Hayward carpet cleaning expert works with perfection without any loss of their clientele, but always right before the arrival of the needy.

The purpose of “The Carpet Solution” is to get the best possible chemical dry result easily. Whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial carpet, and we can handle them with completes. Our specialists first inspect your carpet to see how to get a fresh and clean look for cleaning. But if there is a specific area that you want us to focus more, please let us know without any hesitation. You can make a list of all the concerns and assign it to our specialists.


Preparing Your House for a Chem Dry Cleaning

In order to confirm that everything goes sound when your chem dry Santa Clara technician arrives, there are some of the steps that are essential to follow. By this way, the technician will be able to work correctly, and this also allows you to return to your routine as soon as possible.

Process of chem dry cleaning-

Declutter- The primary component you’ll want to do is put off any clutter from the location being wiped clean. This consists of such things as shoes and socks, toys, books, or something else that could have discovered its way onto the carpet being cleaned. All of the cleaning programs encompass a pre-vacuuming, but clutter can be a tripping hazard.

Move the light furniture aside-To ensure that everything gets cleaned nicely, you may need to transport mild furnishings out of the manner. The carpet cleaning technicians are specialists at making your private home sparkling and easy, but they may be not licensed to move furnishings.

Clearing the various things like plant stands, espresso tables, and ground lamps will permit the chem-dry technician to reach the entire out of the way regions for your carpet. You don’t have to circulate the more prominent pieces that are unlikely to move, but the more furniture you have got out of the way, the better the consequences you could expect.

Keep the valuable items away-When you have any fragile or precious things in the area, you will need to move them to a secure area, out of the way. Even as the chem-dry technicians take the maximum care when cleaning your carpet, it is usually wise to avoid any unnecessary dangers.

Chem Dry Santa Clara

The pre-inspection and notice check are done before every carpet cleaning, but if there’s a selected area that you need the technician to focus on, feel free to let them know. It is essential for you to be delighted with the service of Bay Area Carpet Solution’s chem dry Fremont.

Our professionals feel proud in providing you the best service. We are carpet cleaning industry for years and so our experts can handle any kind of stubborn stains on your carpets without any hassle. Be it a carpet of your commercial building that is full of dirt and stains, or let it be a carpet full of pet furs and other harmful bacteria, or a dull carpet of commercial building, we can handle every kind of carpet easily.


Bay Area Carpet Soloution

Worried About Maintaining Your Carpets? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Two toddlers and a couple of pets sound definitely awesome and fun filled. However, only the parents of that household know what a tedious job it can be to maintain the house and more specifically the carpets.

Although carpets help in giving that cushion effect to the floor and also repels the cold, a stain or a tear can ruin the carpet and can cost a lot to be replaced.

Keeping that in mind Chem Dry San Jose along with their multiple branches have been dedicated to providing exceptional services to their clients all over the country.

Their services include:

  • Upholstery Cleaning – They offer thorough cleaning of all your Upholstery with special care of the problem areas. The equipment and chemicals they use are safe for children and do not moist the surface, there no wait time needed after the cleaning.
  • Carpet cleaning – Their carpet cleaning and maintenance facilities are not only for homes but also for offices and public areas. Working on stain removal and carpet stretching are their specialty.
  • Furniture cleaning – Not only the Upholstery but they can also help you with cleaning all your furniture, thereby saving a lot of time. Your furniture adds life to your rooms and creates the impression, there having clean furniture is very important.
  • Water Extraction- Having excessive water underneath your floor or walls can damage the structure of your home and wear out the durability. Therefore, water extraction is of the utmost importance whenever there is an overflow.
  • Pet Stain cleaning -Chem Dry Mountain View, and all their service locations offer pet stain removal services. Whenever there are pets at home it’s important to clean up for maintaining the health and hygiene of the pets as well as the family members. Chem Dry provides deep stain removal cleaning, carpet protector and pet odors removal.

Chem Dry Mountain View carpet cleaning services by “The Bay Area Carpet Solution” guarantees customer satisfaction, and with more than 30 years of expertise, they very well can. The best part is they are available 24*7. They are also generous enough to send you a free budget before you finalize the services. They have the best in class equipment and experience to make your cleaning experience a wonderful and hassle-free one. You can visit their URL for a detailed understanding of the services and also request your free estimate.


Preparation Before Chem-Dry Cleaning

Many people call professional experts for chem dry Palo Alto carpet cleaning services. Before the technicians arrive, we all must prepare ourselves, our home, our belongings, our children as well as beloved pets. Doing this will help your chem dry technicians in doing the work correctly and quickly too. This piece of blog intends to give you complete information about the preparation needed for a chem-dry carpet cleaning.

1st Step-

Declutter everything: This has to be the very first step for every property owner. Be it a home or an office, decluttering all essentials is very important. So, make sure you remove all clutters accumulated in your premises like toys, old shoes, socks, or any other thing that can come in between the carpet cleaning process. Well, every reliable Chem Dry Hayward carpet cleaning experts work with perfection without harming any of their client’s belonging, but it is always good to do the needful before they arrive.

2nd step-

Assort all delicate/ fragile items and keep them away: Keep all the delicate things like flower vase, floor lamps, etc. away from the carpet cleaning site. It’s always better to be on the safer side because fragile items can damage even by a minute disturbance sometimes.

However, every dry-cleaning expert at “The Carpet Solution” take utmost care throughout the carpet cleaning process, so our clients never worry for anything. Hiring our chem dry cleaning services can help you in staying away from any hassles before, during or after chem dry cleaning.

3rd Step-

Move your light furniture-:Almost every home has light furniture like floor lamps, coffee table, plant stands, etc. Keeping them to a place where chem dry cleaning is not happening is an excellent option to keep them safe. Doing this will help you chem dry experts in delivering a best-possible outcome. You don’t need to touch any heavy furniture because our carpet cleaning will do the rest.


Make a note: It is a good practice to note down your concerns that you will like to let your Chem Dry Palo Alto cleaning experts. Our experts first inspect your carpet to see what kind of cleaning it needs to get a fresh and clean look. But if there are any specific areas you want us to focus more, kindly tell us without any hesitation. You can make a list of all concerns and hand it over to our experts.

Bay Area Carpet Solution aims to get you to best possible chem dry results with ease. Be it residential, commercial or industrial carpets, and we can handle them with perfection.

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Methods To Prevent Your Carpet From Making You Sick

A clean carpet not only makes your home looks great but also keeps your family healthy. If your carpet is not clean, you might be prone to various health issues, such as allergies, skin problems, and asthma. It can even lead to skin problems!

But don’t panic, relax, we have outlined the precautions you can take to Prevent Your Carpet from Making You Sick. Let us note down the points below:

  • Replace Your Carpet if Needed
  • Use a Doormat
  • Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Let us discuss the aspects in detail:

Replace Your Carpet if needed: if your carpet is worn out, or you have not replaced your carpet from years, it’s high time to get it repaired. Over time, Irritants tend to build up in your carpet

Use a Doormat: you can prevent the entrance of dirt and other harmful contaminants getting entered in your home using a new doormat. And the best part of the doormat is that it is quite inexpensive. Spending little money over doormats would help you up to protect your carpet for a long year.

Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned: no matter if you clear your carpets using vacuum cleaners; you still need to get it done using professional cleaners who use Fremont Chem Dry method. They use cleaning necessary tools and products to reduce or eliminate such infestations but how to choose the perfect carpet cleaning company? Follow the following thing checked before hiring any of them.

Check the company’s profile and find out if they have a good track record? What equipment do they operate? Are they insured? Do they have any real time results to show you up?

Time to sum up:

Hence, if you suspect unpleasant and musty odor or mold in your home, then you will need to call a professional at the earliest. For further information, visit our website now! Contact our carpet cleaning care center for Santa Clara Chem Dry at (408) 640-6444 or right away! We are always there to help you out!

Bay Area Carpet Solution is one of the best one stop destinations for Chem Dry Carpet Cleaning needs. You can rely on us completely.

Tips To Select the Best Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Company

In the present day, scenario carpeting is one of the best flooring types in houses and carpet business despite the factor that it requires a particular type of cleaning and maintenance for looking best is highly popular. Some of the delicate fabrics, as well as materials, need highly professional cleaning on frequent intervals, which depicts that you should hire a good carpet cleaning service provider for performing the work.

Let’s have a look at some of the tips you should consider while choosing a Sunnyvale Chem-Dry carpet cleaning company. These tips will help you in getting the best carpet cleaning service for your specific requirements.

Less price doesn’t benefit always

While selecting any cleaning service it’s very common to look for an affordable way. You may get some attractive saving offers but always choosing for the less expensive option for maintenance of your carpet might actually do more harm than good. Sometimes few companies offer heavy discount on their services but there may be some bad reasons behind. Like they may be using some bad products that can cause huge damage to your carpet or many other reasons. Therefore, always check properly everything before finalising. Never get tempted to a low-cost service. Treat price as a secondary consideration.

Understand the process well

Never ever two learning service can be the same. Therefore, it is important to know each of the company that you have shortlisted accomplishes their job. Some may use milder detergents, some may use strong detergents. You can either choose San Jose Chem-Dry or steam wash. You should try to know the process in full details.

Do research

Talk to your friends and family members, check online review sites, ask for a recommendation. Some of the best service you will get through this research. Therefore, it is required for extensive research to get the best Sunnyvale Chem-Dry carpet cleaning solutions.

Always ask about hidden charges before finalising

Ask as many questions as you can before finalising your carpet cleaning company. You should know what you actually are getting without any hidden surprises. Are they charging for any kind of extra services, what are their fees? The kind of products they are using? All these you should know in details.

Selecting a perfect carpet cleaning company for your house or office should not be stressful. At Bay Area Carpet Solution, we offer the best and professional carpet cleaning service at most affordable rates. Being in this industry for years, our San Jose Chem-Dry is considered best because our trained experts clean every corner of residential and commercial carpets with perfection.