Genuine Tips For Preserving The Life Of Your Carpet After Professional Clean

We adore carpets for their colors and patterns but maintaining them is quite a daunting task. Carpet cleaning can be fussy and devastating in case of children and pets are in your home. The carpet is a favorite playground for bacteria, molds, mites, and much more. We are not exaggerating, but the fact is your carpet is a place where most bacteria, pollen, dust, debris breeds. Though carpet contributes towards the aesthetic appearance of your site, it requires time and effort in cleaning and maintaining it. If not managed properly can ruin the beautiful looks, and before you know it, you have to drain your pockets to buy a new carpet. You can save your hard earned money with The Carpet Solution’s Chem-Dry Santa Clara professional carpet cleaning services.

You can’t hire professionals frequently for cleaning the carpet as it would cost you a ton. You have to maintain a clean carpet following a few precautionary steps once you have done with professional services. Follow the steps, and you would find a transformation change in your carpet.


Vacuum Regularly

Regular vacuuming ensures that there is no dust build-up on your carpet, if it is presentable for a long time, it can ruin your carpet and welcome allergens inside the fiber. Cleaning the rug should be one of the top priorities in your to-do-list; you should carry out this task twice or thrice a week.

Avoid Walking

Refrain walking on wet carpet. Let the carpet dry up completely, whether you clean a small spill or you get a professional Chem-Dry Los Gatos cleaning. Wet carpets are prone to catch up more dirt, mud rather than dry ones.

Take off your shoes

Children follow the unusual trend pattern of walking with shoes on carpet. Even the cleanest shoes may spill the dirt present in it on the carpet. The high heel silhouette can contribute towards leaving dirt and leaving a substantial mark on the area. Wear clean socks will keep your carpet free from dust.

Clean the spills right away

Make a rule of cleaning up stains immediately. If something is spilled then clean before your carpet sucks deep inside. If the stain remains for longer, they become stubborn and couldn’t be removed easily.

Prevention is better than cure. It is crucial to follow these tips to avoid pollutants or other contaminations breeding on your carpet frequently.

If you need good and affordable carpet cleaning services, get in touch with professionals at The Carpet Solutions to get best outcomes.