How to Keep Your Carpet In Shape Between Cleanings?

Carpets need ChemDry San Jose professional cleaning every six months to a year on average. Also, if your carpet looks good from outside doesn’t mean it is perfectly neat and clean. Hence, it is very necessary to maintain your carpet between cleanings, so it keeps that dirt- free look and feel.

Today, in this article, we are going to discuss the ways to keep Your Carpet In Shape Between Cleanings. Let’s dig in!

  1. Keep Up with Stain Protection
  2. Vacuum Regularly

Let us discuss the terms in details:

  1. Keep Up with Stain Protection: One of the biggest problems with carpet cleaning people face is to make sure that stains are gone permanently. It can be challenging to remove the stain if it sticks in the carpet. Immediately take action if you want to keep your carpets well- maintained. Grab the stain remover and quickly remove the spills, pop, or something else lying on the floor. Why so? It’s because as the longer it sits, the more time it has to soak deeper and deeper into the carpet fibers. Once it takes hold, it can be even more challenging to remove. Plus, you’ll have a stain in your carpet until you call the carpet solution.
  2. Vacuum Regularly:When your carpet is clean, you want to keep it clean all long. But obviously, it will need some maintenance in order to do so. You need to vacuum your carpet regularly because of this way, the dirt and other items don’t settle into the carpet base. You should vacuum your carpets or rugs once a week at least in order to remove out dirt, pet hair and more. It makes your carpet look clean, makes the yearly carpet cleaning more comfortable and more productive. Awesome, isn’t it?

In addition to this, you can even go for carpet cleaning powder and let it settle in overnight before vacuuming it out finally.

These were the ways to keep your carpet in shape between cleanings.

Hence, if you suspect musty odor/ mold in your home, then you will need to call a professional Chem Dry Mountain View as soon as possible. For further information, visit our website now! Contact carpet cleaning service using at (408) 640-6444 or right away! We are always there to help you out!