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Preparing Your House for a Chem Dry Cleaning

In order to confirm that everything goes sound when your chem dry Santa Clara technician arrives, there are some of the steps that are essential to follow. By this way, the technician will be able to work correctly, and this also allows you to return to your routine as soon as possible.

Process of chem dry cleaning-

Declutter- The primary component you’ll want to do is put off any clutter from the location being wiped clean. This consists of such things as shoes and socks, toys, books, or something else that could have discovered its way onto the carpet being cleaned. All of the cleaning programs encompass a pre-vacuuming, but clutter can be a tripping hazard.

Move the light furniture aside-To ensure that everything gets cleaned nicely, you may need to transport mild furnishings out of the manner. The carpet cleaning technicians are specialists at making your private home sparkling and easy, but they may be not licensed to move furnishings.

Clearing the various things like plant stands, espresso tables, and ground lamps will permit the chem-dry technician to reach the entire out of the way regions for your carpet. You don’t have to circulate the more prominent pieces that are unlikely to move, but the more furniture you have got out of the way, the better the consequences you could expect.

Keep the valuable items away-When you have any fragile or precious things in the area, you will need to move them to a secure area, out of the way. Even as the chem-dry technicians take the maximum care when cleaning your carpet, it is usually wise to avoid any unnecessary dangers.

Chem Dry Santa Clara

The pre-inspection and notice check are done before every carpet cleaning, but if there’s a selected area that you need the technician to focus on, feel free to let them know. It is essential for you to be delighted with the service of Bay Area Carpet Solution’s chem dry Fremont.

Our professionals feel proud in providing you the best service. We are carpet cleaning industry for years and so our experts can handle any kind of stubborn stains on your carpets without any hassle. Be it a carpet of your commercial building that is full of dirt and stains, or let it be a carpet full of pet furs and other harmful bacteria, or a dull carpet of commercial building, we can handle every kind of carpet easily.


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Ask about our 30-Day Warranty!

Coupon Carpet Solution

Coupon Carpet Solution

It is a common tendency to ignore the carpet cleaning as it may not look so dirty all the time. We regularly indulge in cleaning of our house, but not carpet cleaning. The maximum we can do is vacuum cleaning for the carpets. But does this solve the problem?

Not at all!

We are saying this because the carpets absorb dust and other foreign particles from air, our footwear, pets, and other surroundings to a great extent. This makes it one of the dirtiest things inside our home or office. It is not necessary that when the carpet is appearing dull and dirty, then only the carpet cleaning is needed. Instead, to keep people around us safe and healthy, we should call Fremont Carpet Solution Carpet Cleaning Experts in regular intervals. Bay Area Carpet Solution is one of most experienced and reliable carpet cleaning experts in Fremont that can be relied on completely.

Fremont Carpet Solution

How our professional Fremont Carpet Cleaning will help?

  • We will revive your carpet’s appearance and will deep clean to make it free from any type of harmful agents.
  • Disinfecting every corner of the carpet- This will be one through special cleaning procedure where our experts will focus on killing all types of bacteria, germs, allergens, etc. Disinfecting carpets are essential to keep your children safe.
  • Color brightening- Carpet starts looking dull and old after a while and it will be no wrong to blame the dust accumulated on the carpet. Blame it to the dusty environment, the pets, the shoes and every other thing that we bring inside the house or office from outside. Our color brightening techniques give your years old carpet a brand-new look.
  • Pre-spraying and Pre-spotting are two great stain-removal processes that we use.
  • Water jet steam cleaning- Cleaning time is just half as that of other conventional methods and the end result is always impeccable.


We deliver impeccable results because we follow;

  • Steam Cleaning
  • Water Extraction and Rinse
  • Showcase Premier Cleaning

Thank you for considering us for your cleaning needs. We are a fully insured, family owned and operated carpet cleaning company.

Our over 30 years of experience in carpet cleaning and drying water damage means that you can be confident of getting quality, professional work. We take pride in our reputation, experience, education and guarantee.

We believe in repeat customers, referrals and we appreciate your business. We are professionals, operate our business in a professional manner and will treat you and your home with respect.

We run our business with your safety in mind, always hiring good people and using pet friendly products

Our cleaning services include:

Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning or Office Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning

Pet Stain and Odor Removal

And many more cleaning services

Our expert carpet cleaners will also provide cleaning tips specific to your carpets. We aim to help you get the most life out of your carpet, while reducing the need for professional cleanings.

All of our work comes backed by our Carpet Cleaning Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

So, call Bay Area Carpet Solution to get an affordable and quality Dry Carpet Cleaning service. You can also request our experts for free cost estimation.